STROTA has a very simple business model – identify need, match capability and deliver value. We work on the need of our customers and identify the appropriate solution for the same, we deliver the value and demonstrate the results. We charge for the consulting efforts and the value realization efforts to ensure that we have a commitment in journey of realization of results.

Value Creation Model

[Offering] What : Setting and enabling the transformation journey
[Customers] For Whom : for those businesses, institutions, individuals – which are aspiring to move up the value chain (grow / improvise / realign)

[Engagement Model] How : by engaging with stakeholders and drawing the as-is state, by coming up with the aspirational to-be state and building a phased approach to achieve it
[Synergy in Ecosystem] Where : Leverage opportunities of collaboration, sharing and complimenting

Revenue Model

[Revenue]Generate money by charging fees for the value delivered

a) Consultancy Charges : hourly based charging for delivering the transformation state definitions, the roadmap to achieve it and enabling the realization of the roadmap
b) Value Realization Charges : Outcome based charges as % of the metric achieved

[Costs]Human / Intellectual Capital, Branding / Marketing, Infrastructure, Operational, Up-keep (Technology, Knowledge)

Logic of Business

[Capability] Intellectual skills, experience, Thought Process and abilities to grasp the need of the customer and bring out the relevant solution for the need -> Building IP around success stories, frameworks, white papers, research papers
[Deliverables] Company Portfolios, Current State View, Gap Analysis Report, Aspirational View, Roadmap for the Transformational Journey, Phased plan with time-lines and tangible outcomes, Needs Assessment Report, Training / Workshop Design & Execution

[Success Criteria] Measure : Define metric to demonstrate value delivery